ICV Certification Consultants

This ICV Certification Providing Company in  Abu Dhabi, UAE provides  ICV Certifications  TO CLIENTS

ICV Certification Consultants

What is ICV?

The In-Country Value (ICV) program, introduced in Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has significantly contributed to the growth of both national economies and the economic prosperity of organizations, both large and small.

Initiated by the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) in January 2018, with implementation effective from April 1, 2018, the ICV certification has proven to be beneficial for individual suppliers and businesses, while also boosting the country’s economy.

The program incentivizes local suppliers to focus on obtaining the ICV certificate, thereby promoting national economic growth. Participation in the program is encouraged among institutions in the UAE, as it facilitates the localization of businesses and contributes to optimizing the value of oil and gas in the country. The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) oversees the ICV certification process, ensuring its effectiveness in enhancing the value of oil and gas resources within the UAE.

Accounting auditing firm, VAT, Tally software Abudhabi - Sat Management Consultancy
Accounting auditing firm, VAT, Tally software Abudhabi - Sat Management Consultancy

What is ICV In UAE ?

Every manufacturing, trading company, and even free zone company in the U.A.E. is eligible to obtain this certificate. SAT Management Consultancy will assist you with this process. Once you receive the certificate, you gain the advantage of accessing both local and international markets. The certificate assigns a score indicating how well the company is graded. This score enables companies to secure government tenders and contracts. Additionally, it recognizes them as beneficial contributors to the Emiratisation program.

We fully understand the importance of this certificate to you. That’s why we only appoint highly professional and well-trained agents to assist you through the process. We are eager to get you started on obtaining your ICV Certificate. Partner with SAT Management Consultancy for efficient and effective assistance

ICV Certification Consultants in Abu Dhabi

ADNOC, Aldar, Economic Department, Abu Dhabi Ports has launched an In-Country Value (ICV) program. The ICV certificate program aims to grow and diversifying the UAE’s economy and creating opportunities for UAE nationals in the private sector. An ICV certificate should be acquired for each legal entity. 

Sat Management Consultancy is a leading ICV certification consultant in the UAE, offering expert consulting services.

Accounting auditing firm, VAT, Tally software Abudhabi - Sat Management Consultancy
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